Devouring books


I’m now thinking about broader pedagogies of doctoral supervision, in particular what we model for students to teach them what being an academic is. How do we model the passion for reading that is so fundamental to this work? What are our capacities to model this in the neoliberal university, in which there are myriad demands on our time, many of them more administrative and less cognitive?

There is a difference between supervisors who treat reading as something they have done, ie as a corpus of reading that is complete and that they may refer students to, and supervisors who are hungrily devouring what their students unearth as well as pursuing their own reading, in a more symbiotic relationship that values the student as teacher too. Maintaining a public reading blog is a good way for supervisors to share their reading practice, but I wonder how widely this is done. Maintaining a group reading blog or social media reading group for a single supervisor and students, or within a school or faculty would be other ways.  Foregrounding the ongoing reading that is essential to being an academic is a proactive way of fighting for the retention of the time in which to do it.


Author: Lucinda McKnight

Dr Lucinda McKnight is a lecturer in curriculum and pedagogy at Deakin University. She has a BA in Fine Arts, Women's Studies and English from the University of Melbourne, an MA (Distinction) in Media, Culture and Communication, from the Institute of Education now at UCL, and a PhD in Education from Deakin University. Her cartoons have appeared in a number of publications, including Farrago and Health Voice. She has exhibited her artwork at Museum Victoria and the Victorian College of the Arts.

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