Best PhD survival song


What is the song you recommend students watch or listen to, when things get tough? Is there something you turned to, over and over again, that helped get you through when you were a student yourself? I am wondering how supervisors share very personal cultural aspects of their own doctoral experience with students.

A blog I loved called University of Lies recommended Travis’ ‘Sing’, just as a great song, but I think it makes a wonderful allegory for seeking admission to the academy through the doctoral process. If you watch it with this in mind, and see the octopus as your thesis, it is very, very funny: ‘For the love you bring, won’t mean a thing unless you sing, sing, sing, sing’ ie. ‘finish, finish, finish’, and/or ‘publish, publish, publish’. I watched this daily at some stages of writing my thesis to stave off despair! Such a hilarious and accurate picture of the shenanigans of academia, academic publishing, peer review, collegial relationships etc. Could also be useful when talking to later stage students about what postdoctoral work in a university is actually like. Do supervisors do enough of this?


Author: Lucinda McKnight

Dr Lucinda McKnight is a lecturer in curriculum and pedagogy at Deakin University. She has a BA in Fine Arts, Women's Studies and English from the University of Melbourne, an MA (Distinction) in Media, Culture and Communication, from the Institute of Education now at UCL, and a PhD in Education from Deakin University. Her cartoons have appeared in a number of publications, including Farrago and Health Voice. She has exhibited her artwork at Museum Victoria and the Victorian College of the Arts.

3 thoughts on “Best PhD survival song”

  1. Yes, different kind of interaction or doing involved with/in the fate machine, and the machine enacts an agency too, it responds. It attends to ways that one/s don’t passively follow a journey’s path.


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